MUUC PADI Open Water Course

PADI Open Water Diver Course is designed to unleash the world of underwater destinations, from swimming with gregarious animals like seals or dolphins to viewing beds of kelp, reefs, and schools of fish. During the course you will learn the safe practises of breathing and behaving underwater through a series of theoretical and practical exercises. At the end, you will demonstrate what you have learned by taking an exam - in turn you will be rewarded with a lifelong dive card, an international ticket to a myriad of dive sites! 

❗️Please proceed with payment and registration only after receiving a confirmation of spot availability from us.

❓Contact us at in case of any doubts.

Course Itinerary 

  • Your journey starts with a Course Briefing and gear fitting session:
    • Timing: Usually Thursday or Friday night before the first weekend of the course,
    • Duration: Expect this session to last at least an hour and a half,
    • Activities: Gear fitting and familiarisation, course schedule information, paperwork.
  • Two weekends of theory and practise (details provided during course briefing):
    • Theory: You will learn fundamentals of diving needed to be a safe and confident diver and to make your dives fun,
    • Confined Water: You will discover 20 practical diving skills and practise them in safe confined water environment,
    • Open Water: You will demonstrate what you have learned and explore one of many dive sites that Melbourne has to offer through a series of 4 open water dives.
  • Completion - upon course completion, provided you can demonstrate your knowledge of theory and practice needed for safe diving, you will be awarded with a PADI Open Water Diver card that certifies you to dive down to 18m deep worldwide. It will also enable you to hire equipment at dive shops and participate in commercial trips.

Course Details


  • Full Course Fee: $729 (Incl. Registration Deposit of $210*);
  • Gear Hire Deposit: $50**;
  • Membership fees (refer to prices).

* To secure a spot, you need to pay at least the registration deposit during registration. Remaining balance is due by the time of the Course Briefing.

** Gear hire deposit is required to use club equipment during the course and later during club trips. This deposit is refundable whenever you no longer need to use club gear. 

Fees Include

  • Rental Gear;
  • PADI OW Dive Certificate;
  • Pool Sessions;

Fees Exclude

  • Transport to course activities (carpool may be possible at $15 fuel contribution provided courtesy of other members);
  • Cost of extra sessions or facilities (eg. missed sessions).

Key Events

  • Course Briefing - a mandatory orientation session held usually a couple days prior to course commencement.

Course Policies

All MUUC Courses are bound by the same course and refund policy as well as registration process. Please proceed to Course Registrations and Policies to learn more or register should your spot have already been confirmed. 

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