MUUC Training Policy

  1. Transport requirements
    • Transport to and from all teaching locations with all necessary equipment is to be organised by the student.
  2. Payment by date, deposit to secure spot
    • A deposit or full course payment must be purchased through the 'Purchase Tickets' button on the TeamApp course event page, in order to secure a spot on a course.
    • Entry into a course is on a first come first serve basis, with the purchase of the deposit or full course payment the determinant of who is first.
    • The full course payment is due by 7pm of the day of Orientation
  3. Mandatory attendance
    • Attendance of all course dates, including the orientation session is mandatory.
    • Failure to attend any session may result in the inability to continue the course.
    • If you are unable to make the orientation session please contact the club via the comments section of the course's TeamApp event page. Alternative arrangements may be possible, but are not guaranteed.
  4. Language requirements
    • MUUC courses are taught in English
    • It is a requirement that you are able to speak English sufficiently to understand complex concepts, and follow instruction at a teaching pace.
    • Academic English proficiency is highly recommended.
  5. Homework requirement
    • To maximise the enjoyment and skills development over the 3 days in person, there is an online learning component to the course. This should take you 4-8 hours, and can be done at your own pace.
    • It MUST be completed prior to 7pm on the Thursday of the first weekend of training
  6. Fitness to dive
    • It is a requirement that you are able to swim 400m unassisted, using any strokes of your choice.
    • A diver medical questionnaire must be completed prior to starting the course.
    • If any response requires a medical practitioners approval to dive this must be obtained prior to starting the course.
    • If any conditions that prevent diving are found prior to starting the course a full refund will be issued.
  7. Cancellation policy / rebooking
    • A refund is available up to 7 days before the orientation, minus any expenses paid on behalf of the student.
    • Once a deposit is paid a refund can be issued under extraneous circumstances only, which will be on a case by case basis.
    • The course booking can be rescheduled at no extra cost up to 7 days before the orientation date, after which rebooking will be on a case by case basis.
  8. What equipment is provided, what is good to have, buy, what to prepare.
    • All rental of all diving equipment is provided during a course, however due to the specific nature of mask fitting it is recommended divers purchase their own high quality mask before beginning the course.
  9. Missing a session / being late / requesting different orientation date. 
    • Attendance and punctuality to all sessions of the course is mandatory.
    • Being late or missing a session may result in the inability to complete the course.
    • If you are unable to attend the scheduled orientation, please contact the course instructor via the comments section of the TeamApp event to see if it is possible to reschedule the orientation date.
  10. Obtained Skill Proficiency
    • The Open Water Diver course requires all skills to be demonstrated sufficiently, and demonstration of the ability to dive safely within the limits of the training. Whilst it is uncommon to not meet this criteria, if you are unable to meet the standards by the end of the 3 days of training you may be asked to complete a further day of training at an additional cost.
    • Our instructors try as hard as possible to avoid this, and often make extra time for struggling students on the course. The biggest reason we see for needing to come back is struggling to comprehend the directions given in English and not asking the instructors to repeat directions. If you don't understand please ask us to repeat the instructions, we're more than happy to do so!
  11. Course Communications
    • All offical, course-wise announcements will be made via TeamApp through the comments section of the course event.
    • It is expected that students check the comments regularly, to ensure the are up to date.
    • It is also a requirement that you are contactable via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, TeamApp, or another pre-arranged communication service, and respond to messages relevant to the course.
  12. Course Etiquette
    • It is expected that you follow all directions given by the instructors or other club officials, and that you maintain attention wherever required. Our instructors work really hard to give you the best experience. We ask you kindly to refrain from use of electronic devices during the course and avoiding other distractions.
  13. Group Size
    • All courses require a minimum of 4 students to run, unless otherwise specified on the event page on TeamApp.
    • We have a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 8 students, however we will make all efforts to include an assistant for groups of sizes over 5, and will usually have one for groups of any size.
  14. Membership Requirement
    • To join any club activity, including courses, students must be current club members with a current a liability waiver.
  15. Club Regulations
    • Students must read and agree to club regulations before attending any offical club activities, including courses.