Price list 2020

These prices are valid from the 1st of March 2020 until the 28th of February 2021.

MUUC aims to make scuba diving affordable and accessible to both students and non-students. As a non-profit organisation, our pricing is designed to help cover the cost of maintaining and replacing our equipment. We are proud to offer some of the lowest cost diving in Melbourne!


Student - Melbourne University




Student - other university


Alumni and Staff


Non student


Weekly gear hire (Thursday to Thursday)

Scuba Unit (BCD + Regulator + Tank)




Regulator only


BCD only


Weights and belt




Air Fill


Gear hire capped


Dive trips

Bay Boat Trips


Philip Island Boat Trips


Wilsons Prom Boat Trips


Air fills (when using club compressor)


Gear Deposit


Annual gear hire

Full gear (All gear and 1 tank)


Scuba unit (BCD + Regulator + Tank)


1 tank + weights


1 tank


Air fills


More information

  • Members can collect gear from a committee member at the MUUC shed every Thursday night between 7 – 8pm.
  • A refundable gear hire bond of $50 is payable when you become a member if you need to rent scuba gear from the club.
  • When hiring gear, you need to present photo ID which will be kept until the gear is returned by you.
  • Club gear can only be used for club dives (advertised on TeamApp)
  • Gear must be returned each week or an extra week hire fee applies, even if you have annual gear
  • Trip prices are dependent on number of participants