Course Registration

❗️Please proceed with payment and registration only after receiving a confirmation of spot availability from us.

❓Contact us at in case of any doubts.

How to Register and Pay

If a spot has been confirmed for you by us, you can now read through the following details concerning all of MUUC Courses and then proceed to registration. Otherwise, you can use this page to get informed about our courses and proceed to contact us about spot availability. 

Everything in our club is managed via TeamApp (that you can access from a browser or download to your phone).

In order to participate in the course you will need to become a club member and pay necessary fees - all through that one app. Please have it ready and keep notifications on in order to stay up to date with important announcements as well as information about upcoming trips that you may wish to participate in, as MUUC member. 

Essential Information

About the Course

Regardless if you are just starting your SCUBA adventures or returning for more, at MUUC we aspire to provide you with the highest quality of training and skills - so that you feel safe in the water and are comfortable with helping others! All of our courses will reward you with an Official PADI Certification Card that is honoured worldwide and enables you to dive down to the limitations specified on your certificate. 

After you have registered and paid for the course (more info below), you will be added to a course group on TeamApp, this will enable you to get in touch with our Instructors via chat, as well as enable the Instructors to reach you in order to communicate any details concerning your course. Additionally, you should attend a course briefing that usually takes place on Thursday Club Meeting (7pm) prior to the course commencement date in order to finalise all the paperwork and familiarise yourself with the equipment that you will be using. 

For all of our courses you need to anticipate a full-day activity plan during the course days, so make sure to reserve those dates! A typical course schedule will involve theory classes on Campus, practise sessions in water, and an exam. Your day will start around 8am (meeting in the club) and finish with a de-briefing around 6pm. Instructors will communicate the exact plan on the course briefing.

If you need transport from the club to any of the training areas, ride-share options will be available via club vehicles for $15 fuel contribution. 

Finally, please keep track of Events on TeamApp for details concerning course briefing, course days, as well as future club trips! 


  • You need to complete this registration process within 24h from receiving a confirmation in order to ensure securing your spot;
  • You need to become a member of the club, hence complete necessary liability paperwork and pay membership as well as gear deposit fees
    Please consult our Price List for more club-ops details;
  • You are able to attend all full course days, missing a training session may result in additional cost to course completion;
  • Your will be required to fill provided medical declaration that aims to verify if you are fit for diving and is a recognised global standard;
  • We encourage you to come equipped with your own mask and fins as our spares may be limited.


  • Please note that completion of the course material does not guarantee passing the course. It is at the discretion of the instructor to determine if the student has shown sufficient skill and knowledge to become an Open Water Diver and dive safely. Instructors will advise additional sessions should they be necessary to complete the course;
  • Some courses require a minimum group size, should the group size be not met, the course will be cancelled and you will be refunded with the full course fee or have an option to wait until the next training slot is open;
  • You can withdraw from attending the course and request a refund until the last day of course registration at 7pm.

How to: Course Registration

1. Download TeamApp from App Store or Google Play or optionally go to and use the browser version;

2. On TeamApp, sign up for a TeamApp account using your email or social networks;

3. Once you have created your TeamApp account, use provided search bar to find our club: search for MUUC;

4. Click our club that should show up in the results, towards the top of displayed page there should be a button allowing to join as a new member - press it and follow prompts to fill additional information (such as emergency contact) that we require. If you are signing up for Open Water course, in the fields relating to scuba experience you can put OW Student and amend those fields after you complete your course. 

5. Save; then in TeamApp page of our club, you will find a tab that says “Store”. Click it and purchase required items:

- suitable membership (everyone/alumni/student/student of other uni/summer). All memberships expire on 28th of February and begin on 1st of March.

- gear deposit (unless you own full set of your own gear);

- Course Deposit or full fee (choose between OW, AOW, or Speciality courses depending on what you are registering for).

6. Please print and fill the RSTC Diving Fitness Medical Declaration and bring it with your for the pre-course briefing.
Medical Declaration [PDF 103 KB]

Congrats! You are done!

We strongly encourage that you attend a pre-course briefing that will be held on the last Thursday before the course commencement, at 7pm in our club shed or otherwise advise that you can't attend the briefing.