About us

MUUC is the Melbourne University Underwater Club.  We're a scuba diving club with a broad membership base and a core of highly active and enthusiastic divers. The club endeavours to make SCUBA diving accessible and fun by providing inexpensive access to gear, air fills and boat trips. Members also have access to training with our skilled and friendly PADI and SDI instructors. If you're interested, come see us on a Thursday evening at the shed for more information. 

MUUC exists since 1977, through our brand history we were and are honoured to train many great divers, host exceptional technical divers, participate in Victorian marine initiatives, organise trips to Tasmania, caverns of Mt Gambier, NSW, and many more. We like to say "Come and explore the other 70% of our planet"!

What do we have

Our inventory includes the mighty boat named Blue Devil (Zodiac Pro), air compressors, wetsuits, BCDs, Regulators, and other scuba equipment - all available for hire by current club members. 

When does the diving happen?

We dive all year round, although members are most active on weekends, there are always a few organising dives during the week. Additionally we organise Club Trips around Australia and South Pacific over Uni breaks and long weekends. Most dive outings are weather dependent, because winter in Melbourne cools the water down to roughly 10 degrees Celsius. You will need a very thick skin or a drysuit to join these members who dare to dive in the winter! Otherwise, from Spring through to Autumn join us for the more 'warm' season.