MUUC PADI Refresher Session

If you are planning a return to diving it is always a good idea to make sure that you are still fit and knowledgeable to dive safely. This one day session has been designed for divers who had a longer break from diving and feel like they require assistance of an instructor to go over the basics and have their skills assessed in order to identify any areas that require more practise. Our goal is to make you feel confident in your skills again and ready for more challenging dive sites. 

❗️Please proceed with payment and registration only after receiving a confirmation of spot availability from us.

❓Contact us at in case of any doubts.

Course Itinerary 

  • This course usually runs over a single day of a weekend, over a series of two dives and some theory exercises. The general course plan is as follows:
    • You will meet at the club shed and travel to one of many Mornington Peninsula's dive sites;
    • On site, your instructor will hand over some theory quizzes that are aimed at identifying the areas of scuba knowledge that you might have forgotten. You will then have a chance to re-learn those concepts and ask questions;
    • Finally you will assemble your gear and head for two dives that will be a mix of fun-diving and some practical exercises such as the fabled mask cleaning drill.
  • Upon completion of the course the instructor will be able to give you an honest assessment of your current skills, leaving you with plans for future practise dives that you can attempt with your dive buddies (for instance during standard club trips!).

Course Details


  • Scuba Certification (Open Water or higher) from a MUUC recognised scuba agency*.


  • Full Course Fee: $170**;
  • Gear hire Deposit: $50***;
  • Membership fees (refer to prices).

* MUUC Recognises the following certifying scuba agencies: ANDI, BSAC, CDAA, CMAS, GUE, IANTD, NAUI, PADI, PSAI, RAID, SDI, SSI, TDI, UTD.

** To secure a spot, you need to pay the full course fee.

*** Gear hire deposit is required to use club equipment during the course and later during club trips. This deposit is refundable whenever you no longer need to use club gear. 

Fees Include

  • A day with PADI Scuba Instructor;
  • Theory Materials.

Fees Exclude

  • Gear hire;
  • Transport to course activities (carpool may be possible at $15 fuel contribution provided courtesy of other members).

Course Policies

All MUUC Courses are bound by the same course and refund policy as well as registration process. Please proceed to Course Registrations and Policies to learn more or register should your spot have already been confirmed. 

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